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From understanding how our democracy works to climate change and human rights. Gain access to resources, activities and programmes created by leading experts from across the world on the most complex issues of our generation.

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Learn any time anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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Share your views, debate with politically literate individuals in a friendly non-toxic environment and gain key insights about how our political system works.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Shout Out UK (SOUK)

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is the UK’s leading Political Literacy and Media Literacy education platform. Having won multiple awards for our education programmes, Shout Out UK provides world-class training and programmes on Media & Political literacy through SOUK Ed and a platform to voice an opinion and incite positive change.

How much does SOUK Ed Cost

SOUK Education (the platform you are on reading this), costs one low monthly fee for individual solo learners or parents wanting to either home-school their kids or support their school learning. School subscriptions run for academic years.

What type of programmes are on offer?

Shout Out UK has created an extensive library of expertly produced resources, videos, courses and activities ranging from Politics Literacy, Media Literacy, exploring Brexit, Climate Change and Human Rights. Be on top of the biggest issues of our generation!

Can this support PSHE, British Values and Prevent requirements?

All resources, videos and activities ensure that key components of a school’s Enrichment, Character Education, PSHE, British Values and Prevent requirements are met and evidenced.

Where can I learn?

Learn any time and anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Perfect for teachers/schools, homeschooling parents, parents wishing to support their kid’s schooling or individual independent learners.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, Individual learners and Parents can change their plans any time and cancel any time. School subscriptions last for the academic year.