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Education Team

Leveraging a wealth of experience in different educational settings, the Education Team at Shout Out UK delivers cutting edge content within the Media and Political Literacy sphere, rooted in the best pedagogical practices. Our prior clients include, but are not limited to; The Greater London Authority, Ofcom, NATO and the US State Department.

In order to create high-quality learning experiences, tailored to our learners, the members of the Education Team draw on their experience in the following areas:

- Teaching experience: leading classroom pedagogy in comprehensive, grammar, private, single sex, mixed, and international school contexts.

- Educational and pastoral support: experience in both formal and informal alternative educational settings such as SEN contexts, Alternative Provision, refugee contexts, EAL settings.

- CPD training: our team specialises in delivering training in-person, online and in hybrid and blended learning formats, delivered to staff in educational institutions, as well as other professional settings such as local councils.

- Curriculum development: from Virtual Reality curricula to combat extremism, to assemblies designed to encourage young people to register to vote, our curriculum offer is extensive and always designed with the best pedagogical practices, differentiated for the needs of our learners.

- Educational leadership: with experience in developing educational strategies across different nations, as well as our team's professional background in school leadership, we have the specialist knowledge and experience in both Pastoral and Curriculum areas.

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