What is knife crime?

“Knife crime is crime involving a knife. It’s a crime to threaten someone with a knife or carry a knife as a weapon in a robbery or burglary. … Some knives are offensive weapons and are banned in public places”.

We live in a biased world we only get one side or perspective of the story. We normally get this so the government can protect their image. In society, we live in today the news in my opinion portraits black people to be violent and dangerous. Now, most people stereotypically feel the majority of knife crime that happens in the UK is done by black boys. We all know that isn’t true black boys or men may commit knife crime but white people do too. And here is evidence from Sky News…
Black may commit more than white, but are the entire crimes white people do recorded?

I come from an African and Caribbean background. I have two cousins who do the wrong things and get in trouble. And if you ask them why they do it is because they didn’t get encouraged they weren’t told: “You’re going to succeed in life”. They grow up in an unsafe world were doing all of that stuff is cool. But they know deep down it needs to stop.

If you have children don’t just watch them grow up tell them you’re going to be successful tell them you love them. Because those words can really help them and it sets a positive mindset for them. One word of encouragement can really change a person.

The BBC News says “Manchester, Liverpool, Slough and Nottingham are all in the top 25 most dangerous places in England and Wales for serious knife crime. If really think about those places Knife crime occurs you tell they happen when big events occur i.e. Nottingham –carnival, Liverpool -Voices Festival, Slough -Career Insights: Monthly Digital Workshop and Manchester- Envirolution Festival.

Researchers have found “that knife crime is carried out by 18+-year-olds and also 10-17-year-olds” Information gathered by the BBC. If this is the case what are the government doing are they going to help these young people? Give them opportunities, encourage them, don’t discourage them and don’t judge them because of their colour.

Having 12,000 youth centres isn’t going to just keep these young men off the streets. Mothers are crying wishing their sons would stay in school and make her proud but he is on the streets swinging a knife around but he is really fighting a battle inside. Help these young Black and White men encourage and love them.

Do more about it

By Yasmin.