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Address OFSTED requirements on the Prevent duty, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) and British Values, while ensuring your students become critically engaged citizens.

After completing our Political and Media Literacy Course students scored:


of students felt that they had learned how to freely express their views and opinions during this course


of students felt that they had learned enough politics during this course to make informed voting decisions


of students felt that the course had taught them how to spot misinformation and harmful disinformation

To prepare today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow, we first need to help them understand the world they live in. It is critical that students are given political and media literacy skills to build a better future.

British Values and Prevent: not just an add-on.

Promoting fundamental British Values as part of SMSC in schools remains a challenging task for all teachers, regardless of teaching experience or subject specialism.

British Values were first defined in the Prevent Strategy as “democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”. But all too often, teachers feel they have inadequate support and resourcing with which to develop this important part of the broader school curriculum.

This is where the SOUK E-portal comes in. We have sought to meet this need by providing high-quality, engaging and relevant teaching materials that foster informed debate amongst young people, giving them a deeper understanding and transferable critical thinking skills.

We do not aim to deliver a definitive view for teachers and students to ‘accept and learn’, but to enable discussion in a safe, tolerant and supportive environment.

Depth over Breadth, Quality over Quantity

Shout Out UK may be powered by the latest technology, but we believe in teaching methods that have stood the test of time. We combine our modern vision with tried-and-true pedagogy, shaped through our work with teachers across the country.

“I have just met with the region’s youth voice workers, who have been really impressed with the course, and the ongoing support you have given. Thank you. They would like to continue working with you and looking at the other courses you have.”

Charlee Bewsher, Development Director, Youth Work Unit – Yorkshire & Humber

“I found the lesson very interesting as I learnt what the purpose of public interest news is and the role of ethics and journalists to protect democracy and equality in the media. The real-life examples of Brixton and Heathrow helped me contextualise the concept and understand it better.”

A Student at Ayesha Siddiqa Girls’ School

“Our students really enjoyed the course – we had students from year 7 to year 13 involved, and they all engaged and learnt a lot. Students particularly enjoyed learning about fake news and bias. Thank you for offering this opportunity – we are very grateful.”

Annabel Daniels, English Teacher, St Thomas More Catholic School

“The support from the Shout Out UK team has been second to none, and that alongside a brilliantly thought out short course has been excellent. Thank you!”

Chloe Thwaites & Charlie Land, Youth Voice and Creative Engagement Officers for North Yorkshire County Council

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for absolutely everything: working with Shout Out UK has been an absolute dream. Seeing all of the students you have coached increase their understanding of politics and desire to participate in political life has been inspirational!

Laura Clash, English Teacher for Cambourne Village College

Student Digital Newsroom

Give your students a voice. Bring a digital newsroom to your school so they can share opinions on topics they care about on a no-fuss, environmentally-friendly platform.

Book Workshops (Digital & Offline)

Online or Offline, we have you covered. Whether it’s British politics or human rights, or even the politics of Star Wars, our workshops are designed to open your students’ minds so they can engage with the political issues all around them.


Shout Out UK is AQA accredited for the Unit Award Scheme, allowing students that complete our courses to earn a Unit Award Statement from AQA, giving students a powerful addition to their UCAS statement or CV.

Learning management at your fingertips

Keeping track of your students’ progress couldn’t be easier. Our E-portal shows you detailed reports on students’ activities and performance within courses, helping you quickly manage submitted assignments, and view your group’s activities all in one place.

Empowered by today’s tech tools, students can now absorb content in their own time and then use class time to practice what they’ve learned.

Politics student public speaking

Emotional Resilience: The future workforce

Learning emotional resilience is a crucial life skill, giving students confidence that they are worthy and capable of overcoming challenges, no matter what life throws at them.

This is essential for a robust, energetic and imaginative future workforce of engaged citizens that will deal with new technological challenges in the future.

Teaching resilience is not easy, there’s no formula or quick fix: it requires interaction and self-reflection. Our courses encourage just that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Shout Out UK (SOUK)

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is a multi-award winning education platform and creative social enterprise. Fusing education and Edtech with creative film production and animation ensures world-class training and programmes on Media & Political Literacy that will be sure to engage and educate.

What type of programmes are on offer?

Shout Out UK has created an extensive library of expertly produced resources, videos, courses and activities ranging from Politics Literacy, Media Literacy, exploring Brexit, Climate Change and Human Rights. Be on top of the biggest issues of our generation!

Can businesses, charities, NGOs and youth clubs sign up?

Yes. Businesses, charities, NGOs and youth clubs can sign up for a ‘teacher’ account and then run programmes for either employees, customers or service users. Prices will vary depending on organisation type.

Can this support PSHE, British Values and Prevent requirements?

All resources, videos and activities ensure that key components of a school’s Enrichment, Character Education, PSHE, British Values and Prevent requirements are met and evidenced.

Where can I learn?

Learn anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.